Can Steroids Be Taken Safely?

Today there are many concerns and questions regarding the use of steroids, with one of the most common being “Can steroids be taken safely?” The answer to this question can be somewhat complex, but indeed the answer exists.

Professional bodybuilders, wrestlers, NFL players, and enthusiastic fitness gurus use steroids regularly and indeed many of these athletes are bigger than life itself. With the massive muscular growth afforded users by anabolic steroids, there are many who do not second guess the safety of these products at all, and then there are those who need confirmation and guidance on the safety measures that should be followed when using steroids to increase muscle mass.

greg plitt in his younger steroid using days

Facts About Steroids

The human body is an amazing thing and the diverse functions of the body are beyond complicated, while interesting at the same time. For the fitness minded individual, the bodybuilder, or the dedicated athlete who strives to increase their body’s overall muscle mass, the use and dependency on anabolic steroids is ever-present. You have to confess, it is somewhat baffling to think about the direct effect anabolic steroids have on the human body, and wonder how it is that these products can increase muscle mass so much, and NOT have negative and unsafe side effects? Many bodybuilders and athletes swear by the regular use of their steroids, and are insistent when you talk with them that they are entirely safe if you use them properly. Well then, how do we define properly, and do what degree is properly safe?

Steroids are chemical compounds that play an important part in the body’s typical functions. Many steroids are actually produced naturally, but recognize that some are produced artificially in labs. The composition of steroids varies depending upon whether it is natural or artificial. One of the primary functions of steroids is to influence the body’s metabolism, and to increase strength, muscle, and body weight. Though all of this sounds very flattering and exciting, studies have proven that the use of anabolic steroids can surely lead to such complications as liver damage, high blood pressure, reduced production of testosterone, and even abusive and aggressive behavior patterns. Men need specifically be concerned with the use of steroids, since research has confirmed that their use reduces the amount of testosterone produced and can even reduce “manly behaviors and characteristics.”

Like every “drug” today, the affects and success levels are highly dependent upon the user, and their patterns and consistency of use. There are varied studies that will confirm that the use of steroids can be beneficial to the bodybuilder or athlete seeking to increase muscle mass and strength, but only if they are used sensibly, and without abusing the required intake. However, there are many scary thoughts and facts that come into mind when considering the use of steroids that cause many a potential user to second guess the consumption of these products, and become more focused on creating and developing a more hardcore fitness routine while increasing their overall food consumption to present them with a far more healthy fitness regimen.

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Because there are 100+ different anabolic steroids on the market today, one has to safely assume that the products cannot be critically dangerous or life threatening, or they would not be available on the market at all. However, it is important to do your due diligence on the abundant steroid products available, giving close attention to the potential side effects and any serious bodily damage, if any, that can occur. Like everything else in life, steroids have their pros, and most assuredly they have their cons. With this in mind, the only way of answering the question of whether or not they are safe to use is to simply say “proper research and an open but practical mind, will greatly assist you in coming to your final conclusions regarding steroids and their safe or unsafe use.”


If you are pondering the use of anabolic steroids, but find yourself fearful and full of doubt, then perhaps you should trust your instinct and put your focus on a natural diet and fitness program rather than relying upon a chemical compound to help you reach your fitness goals. However, if you find that the only way you can use these steroids is to be given assurance on the safety of these products, then indeed the only way of obtaining that is through dedicated and thorough online research. There are abundant studies and researches that have been performed to date, especially by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which will serve to be useful resources in familiarizing potential users with the history, facts, and potential side effects of steroids. Truly, these very trusted and upstanding resources will be a benefit to you when making that all-important decision on whether or not steroids are safe to use and personally suited to you.