The Difference Between ProHormones and Steroids

For some time, there have been concerns and questions about the steroids and prohormones, and what the basic features and effects of each of these compounds and supplements may be. Though they are slightly similar in that they are both used extensively in the bodybuilding industry and their ultimate purpose is to increase muscle mass, they are most assuredly different from one another. The basic difference between steroids and prohormones is simply that steroids add to the naturally produced hormones that are present in the human body where prohormones serve as a precursor to these very same hormones, and must actually mix with enzymes in the body first in order to take on the same state of an anabolic hormone.

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Steroids are more commonly known in the fitness and bodybuilding world and are classified in two different categories, corticosteroids, and anabolic steroids. The corticosteroids are prescribed by physicians to combat inflammation and a variety of other ailments and diseases, while the anabolic steroids are supplements used by workout gurus or bodybuilders for the purpose of increasing muscle mass, and enhancing performance. Both of these types of steroids simulate the effects of natural growth hormones produced by the body while in their different states, and are greatly recognized and used by bodybuilders of all levels.

In comparing steroids to prohormones, the steroids actually supplement the hormones that are produced naturally by the body and are already present, where the prohormones, referred to as precursors or forerunners to these hormones take on a completely different process and presence. The prescription of steroids by doctors has increased drastically over the years to treat such diseases as AIDS and cancer, and are also prescribed to help strengthen weakened bones as well as increase testosterone levels during male puberty. Their use for bodybuilding is both common and preferred by any.

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Prohormones, on the other hand, do not supplement naturally, but rather go through a process of transformation. When they are introduced into the body, the prohormones then mix with liver enzymes, and are ultimately transformed into the state of anabolic hormones. Once converted, they become anabolic steroids that can then be beefed up by taking anabolic steroid supplements. The prohormones are synthetically produced and their effectiveness is completely dependent upon the amount of enzymes that are present in the body at the time they are introduced. They are precursors to such hormones as testosterone, and have been proven to be very effective in bodybuilding.

These prohormones first became very popular in the 1990’s with bodybuilders being highly dependent upon their use. Though the results achieved through the use of these prohormones was extreme, the side effects were just as extreme. Some of these side effects were excessive acne, severe depression, and intense pain in the body extremities. As a result of these high-risk side effects, some of these prohormones were actually banned for use a few years later, in 2004.

The only true commonality between steroids and prohormones, besides their favored use in the bodybuilding community, are the side effects that come into play during their use including acne, insomnia, balding, and varied levels of depression.