YK11: What Effects Will I Feel and Notice?

The journey to finding the best possible physical version of yourself starts in a gym. But like every other gym goer will tell you, going to the gym is not just about losing weight. Some people want to look toned. Others want to look muscular, while some just want to have a beach-ready body.

YK11 is what is known as a SARM. It has become a popular go-to compound for gym goers. This compound has the ability to increase muscle mass and strength, increase bone density, and burn fat. This combination of positive effects is what makes it so popular.

How does YK11 work?

YK11 has the ability to attach itself to androgen receptors which in turn stimulates the muscle to produce fibres. The resultant effect of this is growth in the overall mass of the muscle.

In addition, studies have shown that not only is YK11 good for muscle growth, but it also contributes to the growth on new cells which orchestrate a muscle quality retention process which helps in staying lean and burning fat cells.

The formation of new cells means more mitochondria which essentially mean more muscle strength.

Increased bone strength

Studies have indicated that the use of YK11 has a correlated effect on the strengthening of the skeletal structure. This is because this SARM has the same growth and strengthening effect on your bones as well. According to these studies, YK11 utilizes calcium regiments in the body to formulate new bone cells which contribute to the overall strengthening of your bones.

Loss of fats

YK11 acts as myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is the compound that regulates how much your muscles can grow. The regulation process involves the secretion of fat burning elements. So, assuming that you have a high body fat content, once you start using YK11 you will begin to see a reduction in your body fat.

As you can see this SARM can help push your body to the next level. In the coming weeks we will discuss the possible side effects from YK11.